This collaborative project is led by Stuart Andrews and Patrick Duggan. More information on our work can be found below. Prospective doctoral candidates can find more information on opportunities for postgraduate study by contacting us here.

Dr Stuart Andrews

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I investigate ways in which artists make sense of a place, and of their situation within that place. In so doing, I consider the practices by which artists point to new understandings of performance and the ways they reconceive of place in the present. I focus, primarily, on contemporary performance and installation art, but I am also interested in the ways in which theories and practices of performance can contribute to discussions on, and experiences of, architecture, cultural geography, material culture and psychology.

Through this work, I am particularly concerned with the ways in which artists attend to changing practices and experiences of place, and to challenges to a place, particularly environmental change and economic conditions. Through this work, I contribute to emerging debates in performance, particularly on mobility in everyday life, experiences of architecture, and practices of site-specific performance. Such work is, necessarily, engaged with questions of resilience, of what it means to experience challenges to place, to prepare for and to navigate these challenges, or to work to avoid or eliminate such challenges altogether.

Dr Patrick Duggan


I am interested in why we (still) make theatre and performance: what is it for, what does it do culturally, politically, socially, aesthetically? Within this overarching frame, my research interests lie in critical approaches to contemporary performance and the relationship between performance and the wider socio-cultural and political contexts in which it is made. I am interested to look not only at contemporary aesthetic practice, but also at events in everyday life that we might analyse as and frame through performance. As such, my research might engage with a protest or a carnival parade, a politician’s speech or an installation hanging of a painting, a theatre play or the representation of a particular event in news-media.

My work is engaged with poststructuralist and political philosophy, is determinedly interdisciplinary in nature and particularly focused on questions of performance in situations of social crisis, spectatorship, witnessing, and trauma and ethics. Within this frame, I explore the socio-political efficacy of theatre, performance and other cultural practices.