New Orleans

We have been investigating connections between ideas, practices and strategies of arts and resilience in New Orleans since 2018.

As part of this work, we were invited to contribute to the development process for the Hazard Mitigation Plan (2021), and we worked with arts and resilience organisations on strategy development to take account of intersections between these fields of work.

View of New Orleans (2019)

In March and April 2018, we conducted field research in New Orleans. You can find out more about the research via our blog here.

Swings in Crescent Park, New Orleans (2018)

We returned to New Orleans for follow-up activity in June 2019, during which time we ran bespoke workshops with arts organisations in the city and colleagues in City Hall. We report on this research visit here.

The Southern Rep Theatre, New Orleans, during conversion from church to theatre venue (2018)

For information on the impact of this work, please see the following statements from:

  • Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
  • Arts Council New Orleans
  • Southern Rep Theatre.